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Skip Hire: We're Better And Cheaper!

Skip Hire: We're Better And Cheaper!

There are a number of reasons why The Rubbish Company can provide a better and cheaper alternative to skip hire and we've listed 10 of the more common reasons below.

If you are in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or North London and were planning to hire a skip then you may want to think twice!

Top 10 Reasons NOT To Hire A Skip

  1. You have to load a skip yourself
  2. Loading a skip can be complicated and hard, dirty work
  3. You're unlikely to get a skip within the hour and won't have your rubbish cleared immediately
  4. Some skips only take half the quantity of waste we can and we ensure your waste is recycled where possible
  5. Skip hire companies may have unquoted extra charges
  6. Skips take up a lot of space and you may have to park your car on the road (this can impact your insurance)
  7. Skips may damage your driveway and they look unsightly
  8. If a skip needs to go on a road it will require a skip permit (cost from £45)
  9. Skips attract looters, fly tippers and vermin
  10. Skip vehicles struggle to collect and deliver in narrow streets or busy residential areas